Explore Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule is a place where you could visit some fabulous temples tranquil beaches and exciting vantage point offering great sea views. Ganpatipule is a great holiday location for a family holiday but the adrenaline junkies might feel a bit let down. Water sports which is organised at Gaywadi beach and water sports complex near MTDC Ganpatipule are the only two places for some activities in Ganpatipule.

Speed boats jet ski and kayaking etc is available near MTDC resort while more options are available at the Gaywadi beach. All the major water rides are available at Malgund Gaywadi beach. All regular water rides like banana rides, bumper rides sleeper bumber and kayaking is available at the Gaywadi beach about 5 kms from Ganpatipule temple..

Ganpatipule Water Sports

Activities in Ganpatipule

Jaigad - Tawsal ferry

A ferry ride from Jaigad to Tawsal opens up the options of visiting Hedvi 'Dashabhuja ganpati mandir' 'Bahman ghal' and Velneshwar Shiva Temple. The ferry from Jaigad also has an over head gallery and makes a ferry ride itself an event during a holiday in Ganpatipule. The Dashabhuja ganesh mandir in Hedvi is a rare temple where the diety is depicted to have ten hands. Five kms ahead is Velneshwar shiva temple along side the beautiful beach.

Bird Watching - Abloli

Abloli across the Jaigad creek is a bird watchers paradise. A one day trip to Abloli can be organised during your holidays in Ganpatipule where you can spot over 90 species of birds. The bird watching trips are organised by Mr Sachin Karekar who also runs an agro tourism center - Garva. Abloli is about 20 kms from Tawsal ferry wharf and will hardly take half an hour to reach Garva Agro Tourism Centre in Abloli from the ferry point in Tavsal.

Crocodile Safari - Maldoli

Maldoli is a small village near Chiplun by the banks of Vashishti river. Spotting a crocodile in the Vashishti river is the major attraction of the place. Maldoli is about 60 kms from Tawsal ferry wharf. Once you reach Maldoli spotting a crocodile is almost definite. Wildlife spotting along with birdwatching is something that can make your beach holiday in Ganpatipule unique and exciting. You may contact us to organize these activities during your holiday.

Marleshwar Waterfalls

Marleshwar waterfalls is located about 80 kms from Ganpatipule. The place houses a famous cave temple dedicated to Shiva.

The Marleshwar water falls is a group of many small water falls surrounded by the green sahyadri hills on the western ghats. The view is simply superb and you can enjoy it around the year. Though going near the fall could be risky in monsoon season the view is really mesmerizing during the season. The main waterfall in this group of waterfalls is called the Dhareshwar waterfalls. The cave temple dedicated to Shiva is the main attraction of the place. If you visit the temple it would be hard not to spot atleast one king cobra in the temple. Thankfully not even a single incident of snake bite has been reported even with the huge presence of the reptile.

Marleshwar Waterfalls