Ganapatipule is a small village on the Konkan coast with a series of beaches and vantage points offering some stunning views of the sea. The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, on the Ganapatipule beach itself is the primary attraction in Ganapatipule that draws thousands of pilgrims every year to this village. The tranquility of the temple percolates in the whole village and there is an aura of peace to Ganapatipule which is hard to miss.

Nobody has covered Ganapatipule the way we have at! A website with complete information on Ganpatipule, from getting to Ganpatipule from major cities like Mumbai and Pune, to choosing the best accommodation option of your taste and choice to a exhaustive list of places of tourist importance in and around Ganapatipule we have all the information to plan a enjoyable vacation in Ganapatipule.

Ganapatipule Beach
Ganapatipule Temple
For those who want to get under the skin of this state; Maharashtra, Ganapatipule is an unexpected starting point to discover the landscape, culture and history of Maharashtra. If you feel like experiancing all this sharing the beach with the affable god Ganapati, take up on the divine invitation to enjoy a weekend in this land of good times - Ganapatipule

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Beaches in Ganapatipule

Ganapatipule with a series of pristine beaches apart from the Ganapatipule beach itself makes Ganapatipule an ideal holiday destination for a beach lover. The twin beaches of Aare - Ware and Gaywadi beach in Malgund and Ril flanks either sides of the Ganapatipule beach.

Water Sports in Ganapatipule Beach
Water Sports in Ganapatipule
Gaywadi beach near Malgund about 2.5 kms from Ganapatipule is slowly emerging as the water sports hub of Ganpatipule. All the major water rides are available here at this beautiful safe beach.
Prachin Konkan

Prachin Konkan is a life size museum in Ganapatipule depicting life in yester years in Konkan. Prachin Konkan, is the brain child of Mr. Sardesai who succeeded in not only providing interesting information about Konkan to the tourist but also employment opportunities for the localites. A guided tour takes you through various aspects of life in Konkan in the past. There is a small garden with trees worshiped depending on a persons sunsign in the premises.

Around Ganapatipule

There are many other tourist spots in Ganpatipule apart from the beaches and the Ganapati temple. Malgund about 2 KMs from Ganapatipule is the birthplace of the famous marathi poet Keshavsut and houses the memorial of the great poet. Gaywadi beach near Malgund village is the hub of water sports activities in Ganpatipule. Jaigad a 17th century fort about 15 KMs from Ganapatipule offer some great views of the village and the sea. Karahateshwar temple near the Jaigad fort is a peaceful place and is a must visit while on a trip to Jaigad. Lakshmi Keshav temple in Kolisare is also worth a visit!

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