Around Ganpatipule

Ganpatipule is part of Ratnagiri district and there are numerous sightseeing options around it. Shivsrushti a sculpture museum with sculptures depicting the life of Shivaji is located in Dervan on the way to Ganpatipule just off the NH 17 is a good example of the museums in the region

Ganpatipule is sequestered between Ratnagiri to its south and Guhagar to its north with destinations like Velneshwar & Hedvi and Rajapurchi Ganga in its vicinity. If you are visiting Ganpatipule during monsoons Marleshwar waterfalls is also worth a visit especially if you are on a long holiday to Ganpatipule. Owing to Suvarnadurg shipping the temple town of Guhagar is hardly 50 kms from Ganpatipule and can defitely be a part of a long holiday in Ganpatipule.

Ratnadurga fort

Tourist Places Around Ganpatipule

Marleshwar waterfalls

Marleshwar waterfalls is located about 80 kms from Ganpatipule. The place houses a famous cave temple dedicated to Shiva. The Marleshwar water falls is a group of many small water fall and the view is simply superb and you can enjoy it around the year. Though going near the fall could be risky in monsoon season the view is really mesmerizing during the season. The main waterfall in this group of waterfalls is called the Dhareshwar waterfalls.

Wildlife spotting

Abloli across the Jaigad creek is a bird watchers paradise. The bird watching trips are organised by Mr Sachin Karekar who also runs an agro tourism center. A trip to Abloli can be coupled with Maldoli which is about 60 kms from Tawsal ferry wharf. Once you reach Maldoli spotting a crocodile is almost definite. Wildlife spotting along with birdwatching is something that can make your beach holiday in Ganpatipule unique and exciting

SCUBA diving in Tarkarli

Tarkarli is about 200 kms from Ganpatipule and can be reached in 4.5 hrs. Although Tarkarliquite far from Ganpatipule SCUBA diving is something that can make your trip truely memorable. You may contact Joshua's SCUBA diving in Tarkarli for organizinag SCUBA diving in Tarkarli and water sports in Tsunami island.

Guhagar - White Sand Beaches

Guhagar is a pristine beach which has just started featuring in the tourist map of popular destinations in Maharashtra.

Guhagar is the first beach amongst the long stretch of Konkan beaches with white sand true to its texture unlike beaches north of Vashishti river. Guhagar beach is a very long beach and extends for almost six kilometers between two hillocks. Velneshwar and Hedvi well known for its temples are two other popular destinations within Guhagar taluka just a few kms from Guhagar town.

Guhagar can be easily visited during a holiday in Ganpatipule. Suvarnadurg shipping has a ferry across Jaigad creek which even carries four wheelers from Jaigad to Tavsal. Jaigad is about 20 kms from Ganpatipule.

Guhagar beach